Korean Short Hair Volume Perm

Korean Short Hair Volume Perm. I got a MAGIC SETTING PERM in KOREA!!! Ideal for those looking to achieve a feminine, doll-like look, the Korean Wave Perm gives your hair lots of volume as the curls are very airy.

Picasso's Inspiration: For ladies with short hair and ...
Picasso's Inspiration: For ladies with short hair and … (Cornelia Allison)

Instead of an updo, wear your curls. Does the Magic Volume pass the wash and wear test? Perm hairstyles look stunning on long locks, and they are fun when it comes to crops.

My hair before a Korean perm.

When it comes to hairstyle comebacks, perm hair is king!

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A haircut that contours cheekbones, a perm that gives you beachy waves for days. S. to know, I could never get a "magazine look" and if I did, I'd lose it after the first wash. While permed curly hair has more volume than straight hair, it doesn't have Perming short hair will always result in tighter curls.