How to Color Your Hair at Home

Certainly, the very first step in your at-home is how to color your hair at home and tinting journey is getting the dye. Yet as opposed to going to the drugstore as well as getting the prettiest-looking box, lem me just emphasize the significance of locating the appropriate shade. “Box dye is kinda a one-size-fits-all circumstance. So I usually suggest clients stick to an amazing or neutral tone, since box color can ‘raise’ your all-natural hair shade as well as leave you with a warmer shade than you intended.

FYI, if you’re seeking to take your hair a complete shade (or more!) lighter or darker from your all-natural hair color, we suggests skipping the box all together and also reserving a consultation with a professional to get perfect hair color, because there’s even more space for error when you’re going drastic. Yet if you’re only after a little measurement or shine, scoop up one (or two, if you’ve obtained longer hair) of these cult-favorite box dyes.

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